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August 2020 - Emergency Board Meeting

August 8, 2020

Frost Bank

Board Members Present:

Rudy Arriaga, Michael Due, George Abram, Amberley Gerhart

Board Members Absent:

Raiju Babu, Jackie Peace, Kathy Lyon

Summary Of Meeting:

BBVA bank unexpectedly shut down our online banking access with no explanation or ability to restore.  Decision was made to start a new account at Frost Bank.  Officers met at the bank to set up account.

July 2020 - No Meeting Held



June 2020 - Emergency Board Meeting

June 6, 2020

Via Zoom

Board Members Present:

Rudy Arriaga, Michael Due, George Abram, Amberley Gerhart, Raiju Babu, Jackie Peace, Kathy Lyon

Board Members Absent:


Summary Of Meeting:

Vote was held to determine whether or not to have the HOA attorney move forward with a lawsuit against the original developer of Country Meadows, and his lawyer.  Lawsuit would ask for damages and clarification in regards to tax charges, falsification of paperwork, and intent and responsible parties for all phases of the neighborhood.  HOA attorney would work on a contingent basis on an approved contract.  

Outcome of vote:

Unanimous approval.

May 2020 -Regular Board Meeting

May 18, 2020

Via Zoom

Board Members Present:

Rudy Arriaga, Amberley Gerhart, Raiju Babu,

Board Members Absent:

Michael Due, George Abram, Jackie Peace, Kathy Lyon

Summary Of Meeting:

Old Business

1. We will stay will current insurance company

2. Mailbox key dropped off to Amberley

3. Unable to find a CPA that will work with an HOA - will continue with internal bookkeeping

4. Cost of amending governing documents will be HOA attorney's normal rate, but we may receive a discount depending on complexity

5. Per HOA attorney, resale certifications should consider paid/unpaid dues back to 2017 when homeowners took over the HOA, but no further

6. BBVA charges a fee after 2  monthly deposits - we will limit our deposits

7. We will continue to maintain our official "book of minutes" that homeowners can request access to.  There is not requirement to have minutes posted to our website, but we will provide high level details.

New Business

1. HOA Attorney is willing to pursue lawsuit against original developer of subdivision

2. Mowing - quotes we have received have been too high for our budget.  Rudy will continue to coordinate for bids until we have at least 4.

3. City of Mansfield - no response on our HOA boundaries questions after several weeks and multiple follow-up emails.  Rudy will continue to follow-up.

4. Spectrum - homeowner requested HOA help to have Spectrum extended to the parts of the neighborhood that do not have service.  Amberley submitted ticket to Spectrum's construction and survey team and will continue to follow up.

5. Insurance - General Liability and Errors & Omissions policies were renewed

6. Scam Emails continue to come to the HOA email - all board members instructed to never respond to any personal emails that have different addresses then they are used to seeing.  Any change in our respective personal email addresses will be communicated.

7. Progressive Residential is owed a small refund for overpayment

8. WIX Website - all governing documents and the 2020 budget are now posted

9. Backup of Records - Amberley will regularly copy important files to our Google drive for redundancy

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