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Frequently Asked Questions

I was told there was no HOA when I purchased my home here.  Why do I have to participate?

Due to the fact that we have common areas in the development that require ongoing maintenance, we are required to have an HOA per the City of Mansfield.

The City of Mansfield required the developer to create an HOA, and it was maintained by the developer until it was turned over to the residents in 2016. 

Per the City of Mansfield, all homes in the Country Meadows development are part of the HOA, regardless of when your home was built (or in which phase). 

A letter from our attorney, who is working on behalf of all the homeowners in the Mansfield Country Meadows addition, will be going out in March 2020 to clarify in more detail.  

Update:  The HOA received written clarification Oct 2020 from the City of Mansfield regarding what their ordinance requires and who is responsible to maintain the HOA for the Country Meadows subdivision.   This came from their legal department per Matt Jones (Director of Planning and Development).  Details will be made public soon.

How much are the annual dues? Where do I send them?

The HOA dues for years 2017-2021 are $45 for each year, and are due annually on March 1st. For 2021, the date was extended to May 1st.  

Please make checks payable to:

Mansfield Country Meadows HOA

Include your email address if you would like a receipt.

Please mail your check to:

Country Meadows HOA

P.O. Box 539

Mansfield, TX 76063.

We currently can not offer an online payment option that doesn't charge fees.  Please contact us if you need an alternate way to pay your dues.

What do my annual dues pay for?

Annual dues collected have paid for the following items (not all inclusive):

1. Liability insurance for our two common areas located at 1701 Barbados Drive and 1908 Cancun well as the community entrance areas along the screening border wall.

2. Maintenance of those areas including mowing, weeding, tree trimming, and management of the storm drain runoff (trash and debris) into the common area catch basin culverts for flood control. If we don't maintain these areas ourselves, the City of Mansfield will do so at a much higher price.

3. Officers and Board Member insurance.

4. General office supplies and mailing supplies (including postage).

5. A post office box.

6. Rental of an annual meeting space.

7. This website and domain name.

8. Legal fees.

9. Taxes - we are required to pay property taxes on the common areas.

10. CPA fees to do annual accounting when necessary.

11. Banking fees.

12. Repair of the outer brick border wall in 2017.

Every effort is made to keep costs at minimum, so we can keep the annual dues amount as low as possible.

What does the HOA enforce?

The "Declarations of Covenants and Restrictions" and all other governing documents are available for download from this website.

The HOA board is currently  reviewing these documents to see if they need to be updated. Your feedback is welcome.

The HOA follows ordinances set forth by the City of Mansfield.  If a property is in violation, the City will enforce the ordinance.


Example: Your neighbor's lawn is excessively tall for a long period of time.

1. If appropriate, talk to your neighbor about the issue.

2. If no solution is found, contact the City of Mansfield 

Contact the City of Mansfield for all required permits and regulations regarding fences and construction on your property.

Who elected the past and present Officers and Board Members?

All board members are volunteer only and have spent countless hours trying to properly re-establish and maintain this required HOA for the benefit of all who live here.  The opportunity to serve happens at the annual meeting, which was last held on January 24, 2020 at the Mansfield Activities Center.  Anyone who owns a home in the Country Meadows addition may volunteer for an officer or board member position.  In the event that more than one person desires a certain position, a secret ballot is held to determine the winner.  The board meets monthly, and welcomes any and all feedback and suggestions.

We appreciate your patience while we transition to the 2020 Board of Directors.  

Most of the board members have full time jobs and maintain HOA duties (which can be extensive) before and after work hours.  

How can I get involved or stay updated?

There will be opportunities in the future to serve on sub-committees.

If you are interested in joining the Board Of Directors, please send us an email (some spots may not be available until the next annual HOA meeting in 2021).

We will send some announcements through email, if we have your email address.

When appropriate, written notification will be provided to each homeowner via mail or direct delivery.

If you follow social media, the HOA will post to the following accounts:

Facebook: Country Meadows HOA

Nextdoor: Country Meadows HOA

Instagram: @CountryMeadowsHOA

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