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A Tale of Two Corners

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Why can't THIS corner look more like...

THIS corner?

Anyone living in the Country Meadows neighborhood will recognize both of these corners across from each other at the intersection of Cancun Drive and FM 1187.

In the lower picture, our hard-working Treasurer and all-around selfless guy, Victor Benavides, is spreading rocks in one of the corner areas our HOA is responsible for.

Victor, his neighbor Ronald, my husband Rich and I went out one morning when the rocks were first delivered, and filled in a perfectly prepared plot. I severely underestimated the work this would take! Victor and Ronald each took about six shovel fulls for each one Rich and I could do. It looks great, and I am grateful that they came out and worked so hard, when I had told them, "I'll get it done, don't worry about it."

Obviously yard work has never been my thing!

Now it is time to do the other corner, but this time there has to be some preparatory work. The ground for the rocks is strangely shaped and slanted. There is a drain there that limits the area that we can "rock". Here is what needs to be done: the tree needs to be trimmed, the plants pulled out of the ground, weed killer applied, paper laid down to keep the plants from coming back, the border laid, and then the rocks spread.

So... we really need volunteers! The cost to have a landscaper do this is more than we have the funds for in the HOA. We were hoping the board members might do it, but only one of us is truly able (time and muscles), Victor, and with all he has been doing to clean the common areas and culverts, etc., he is fairly burned out! This is a plea for anyone in the HOA to donate time ASAP to this project. If you have the skills, knowledge, strength, and desire to help get this done, we would appreciate it. This is more than just a beautification project. The city requires these areas to be maintained or else we will pay periodic fines, something we don't think we should squander your dues on! We have sought to be diligent in the way we spend on your behalf (see the previous blog post), and we think a hardy volunteers could make short work of this in just a couple of weeks time from start to finish. If you would like to help, please respond through the contact email box on this website. I will reach out to you and we can go forward. Thank you for being willing to help out your neighbors this way. I'm positive we can do good things for you in return! -- Sally Hoffman, HOA board Secretary

P.S. Check the Next-door app or our Facebook site for another outdoor opportunity along the same lines.

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