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Making an Entrance

In our September blog, I mentioned the entrances to Mansfield Country Meadows at Cancun Drive and 1187, where there is a signal light. Today marks the completion of this project. Thanks to our board members who started it, and to our board president, Rudy Arriaga, who planned and finished the west side, where a huge bag of rocks signaled our intentions to follow up. All of our homeowners can now enjoy the a fine looking entrance to our community. Volunteering made a big difference... let's keep the good ideas flowing. Please come to the Mansfield Country Meadows HOA annual meeting on January 24th. It's a great time to meet your neighbors, express your thoughts about the future of our community, take ownership of more than just your own home. Let's build on the pride we can feel when we work together. We will be electing "named" officers: president, vice-president, treasurer and secretary (elected yearly), and we need other board members, too, for positions of one, two, and three years. There is much to do, and we need YOU!

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